the rants of a recruiter who hates people.


the girlfriend is in gone for the week for training with her job. so i'm a little bored. i've been looking at houses the past few days. i figure if i make the money i do in the army i might as well show something for it before i hit college. speaking of which i started to fill out applications for that that. i'm looking at 2 good colleges right now. i just have to turn them in and look at which ones i get accepted to. and then declare a major. i'm looking forward to classes, but not being with the people i dislike so much. i'm a military man down to the bone. i just dont like recruiting.
i had a someone test for me got a QT of 96. which is very impressive. but i dont think they will join. they are looking at the band. and i'm just not seeing the mind set required to join. i think shes afraid of making a mistake in life and what the parents have to say. its just a bummer. so much potiental for us and them. and i think it will just be a waste of air to continue. but i will until i'm told that they are not going to join. its just what i have to do. i've got 391 days until its all over and i dont have to care anymore. just want to get out of recruiting. get on with my life. regardless of its military or what. anywhere but here i say. weather was very hot. riding my bike was a treat in this weather. to bad its only got a few more months to the riding season. another reason to get a house. i can store it. no one seems to be reading this blog for now. but its new. so no security risk...

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