the rants of a recruiter who hates people.


Drinking is fun.

Well, for me it’s a must. At least after working. It’s like I hardly smoke when I’m not working. And I only drink during the week. Total opposites of everyone else. Stuff is getting really retarded at our office. Our station has been the saving grace for over 6 months in our company. A shinny little light. And we are now near the end of our recruiting month and it’s not looking so hot. The one guy I had any hope of getting is a total turd. Has a 2 yr degree, lives with mom still (remind you he’s like 26 years old) and does odd jobs to scrap up money. Well I freaked out on him when, after talking to use recruiters for about a year now, did pick a job. What kind of loser wants to be 30 years old and live with mom until she croaks, and do nothing in life? I just lost it. I started yelling at this guy to man up and get the f*** out of my office and when his balls drop and he no longer wants to suck the milk from moms titty. To check out the air force. That’s where all the girls go. Because he will all ways be a nurtured momma’s boy.

I want to hurt people.


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