the rants of a recruiter who hates people.


i didnt shave today.

i'm not even going to spell check or nothing today. dont feel like it. i've been on leave for a few.. and its been amazing. i'm looking forward to when i retire in a few and i can just relax. hell i may even work. get a normal nine to fiver. no longer have to deal with the gossip of FRG (thats the military spouses) or other people that cant keep their cock holsters shut. i'm just looking forward to being able to quit if i dont like what i do and look for something new. safety standards that are legally inforced (not saying that getting up at 3am and driving 4 hours to get a recruit to meps so he can join and then getting home at 1030-midnight, and getting up at 6 to get to work, and then getting off late again, day after day isnt safe.. who would say a thing like that.

its an important job i know. someone has to do it. its thank less. and demeaning. and many many other things. but lordi.. i just want the end to come. mostly for the general population.. but for this job, i guess i can live with that.


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